Engineering Management

Duties of Engineering Management

1. Responsible for the construction management of new projects, focusing on quality, schedule and investment control;

2. Participate in the project feasibility study, design, bidding, and so on of infrastructure projects;

3. Participate in the review of contracts for infrastructure projects, etc.;

4. Perform the duties of Party A on behalf of the university according to the construction project management requirements;

5. Responsible for the completion and acceptance of the project and the final accounting for review, etc.;

6. Do a good job in project payment registration, review and check;

7. Do a good job in maintenance work during the project warranty period;

8. Participate in project demonstration, design, bidding, etc. related to engineering installation;

9. When necessary, undertake maintenance management of the construction project;

10. Complete other tasks assigned.

Team members:

 Technical Superintendent  Houjian Xin  613 Admin D, Phone: 84395074
 Chief  Yan Mao  614 Admin D, Phone: 84395933
 Deputy Chief  Xuejun Wang  614 Admin D, Phone: 84395933
 Staff  Peng Jiang  614 Admin D, Phone: 84395933
 Staff  Zhengyou Jiang  612 Admin D, Phone: 84395090

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