Organizational Structure

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Leaders of the Office

Dezhou Qian, Branch Party Secretary & Director

Taking charge of overall work of the Party and the campus development and infrastructure construction, and responsible for the Party building ideological and political affairs, personnel, finance, campus planning and construction, trade unions, specifically in charge of the section of general administration. 

Office: 708 Admin Building A; Phone: 025-84395613; EMAIL:

Hao Ni, Deputy Director

Responsible for the work of pre-engineering, project bidding, material purchased by Party A, archives, publicity, statistics, cultural development, etc., to assist the responsibility for the new campus work; in charge of the planning section, assist the responsibility for the general administration. 

Office: 706 Admin Building A; Phone: 025-84399105; EMAIL:

Dandan Zhao, Deputy Director

Responsible for engineering construction management, maintenance, safety, retired faculty, staff and other work; assist in responsibility for trade union work; in charge of the engineering section and maintenance section. 

Office: 704 Admin Building A; Phone: 025-84395584; EMAIL: