Organizational Structure

Duties of the General Administration:

 Duties of the General Administration:

1. Responsible for general coordination and services within the office, business contacts inside and outside of the university, and mail management and reception of visitors;

2. Responsible for the payment of engineering funds, the filing and archiving of engineering technical files;

3. Responsible for document management and timely processing of OA systems involving the office business;

4. Drafting various plans, summaries, reports, etc.;

5. Fill in various statistical reports;

6. Organize relevant meetings and make meeting minutes;

7. The custody and use of the seal and the introduction letter;

8. Reimbursement of various types of spending, office and labor supplies and internal asset management;

9. Do a good job in retired staff services, party secretary affairs, and personnel secretary affairs;

10. Website development and publicity work of the office;

11. Complete other tasks assigned.

Team members:


Hongyuan Zhang

706 Admin A, Phone: 84396337


Yan Ji

706 Admin A, Phone: 84396337