The Capital Construction Office, mainly responsible for the overall campus planning, five-year capital construction planning, the establishment, design, approval, construction management of capital construction projects, the approval of maintenance and renovation projects, and the implementation management of projects over 300,000 yuan. There are three departments: Planning Management Section, Engineering Management Section, Maintenance Management Section and one general affairs supervisor post. Their main job responsibilities are:

1. Responsible for organizing the preparation of the campusoverall plan, five-year capital construction development plan and capital construction investment plan, and participating in the preparation of the school career development master plan.

2. Responsible for the preparation of capital construction project proposals, feasibility study reports, preliminary design documents, and project approval.

3. Responsible for the construction plan and construction drawing design of the capital construction project; responsible for reporting to the planning bureau, construction committee, civil air defense, fire protection, drawing review center, environmental protection, quality supervision, meteorology, termite office, transportation, communications, electricity, gas, tap water, gardens , Urban management and other departmentsto go through the relevant procedures for the preliminary construction report of the project, and do a good job in the preliminary preparations for the construction of the project.

4. Responsible for the signing, management and supervision of the implementation of the construction contract; do a good job in the survey, design, construction, supervision and bidding (discussion) of the project.

5. Responsible for organizing supervision, construction and other units to carry out on-site construction, and do a good job in construction management of the whole process of project safety, quality, schedule and investment control.

6. Responsible for the market information research of the materials supplied by thecapital construction A and the quality management of the materials and equipment supplied by the construction unit B.

7. Responsible for the planning management ofcapital construction finance and financial accounts, compiling and reportingcapital construction statistics and financial statements; do a good job in the collection and filing of infrastructure construction documents and engineering technical files.

8. Responsible for project approval, budget preparation, and project declaration for improving basic school conditions for house repair projects of more than 2,000 yuan; responsible for the design, cost, contract signing, construction management, acceptance and filing of maintenance and renovation projects of more than 300,000 yuan; Responsible for the approval, review, supervision, implementation, stamping, and filing of repair projects below 300,000 yuan and related service contracts below 100,000 yuan.

9. Responsible for the organization declaration and implementation management of agricultural condition construction projects.

10. Other tasks assigned by the leader.

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