Planning Section

Duties of Planning Section

1. Responsible for preparation for campus development planning and infrastructure annual planning;

2. Project establishment application;

3. Project feasibility study;

4. Application for construction of infrastructure projects;

5. Prepare design and survey task books;

6. Cooperate with relevant departments to complete bidding for agency units, design units, survey units, construction units, and supervision units, as well as contract signing;

7. Responsible for the investigation of materials purchased by Party A, bidding and procurement, contract management, quality inspection, etc.

8. Responsible for the special quality inspection of the project;

9. Participate in the investigation and demonstration of the campus development plan, participate in the communication and coordination of the internal and external construction and development of the new campus;

10. Complete other tasks assigned.

Team members:

 Chief  Hongyuan Zhang  610 Admin D, Phone: 84398801
 Deputy Chief  Kan Huang  610 Admin D, Phone: 84395574
 Staff  Qian Yan  619 Admin D, Phone: 84396337
 Staff  Huan Gong  610 Admin D, Phone: 84395574

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