The Office of  Capital Construction is a university administrative department in charge of promotion of organization, implementation and completion of university infrastructure construction tasks in accordance with the university overall work. There are four sections within this office: General Administration, Planning, Engineering Management and Maintenance. Main duties of the office are:

1. Follow the state capital construction guidelines, policies, laws and regulations, and work in accordance with the capital construction procedures.

2. Participate in the preparation of the overall plan for the development of university education, and work with the relevant departments to prepare the overall plan for the campus infrastructure construction and the overall architecture task, and organize the implementation according to the overall plan of the campus infrastructure approved by the designated authorities; and be responsible for the preparation and implementation of the annual capital construction investment plan, as well as various adjustment plans.

3. Organize the preparation of individual construction project proposal, feasibility study report, preliminary design document, submit them to the authorized department for approval; and be responsible for the preparation of the design task book for the construction project.

4. Handling the preliminary work of the project construction. Responsible for handling relevant procedures by the Planning Bureau, the Construction Commission Bidding Office, the Construction Commission Infrastructure Office, the Civil Air Defense, the Fire Control, the Graphic Review Office, the Environmental Protection, the Quality Supervision, the Lightning Protection, the Termite Prevention, the Gas Supply, and others, and do the preparatory work for the preliminary stage of the capital construction.

5. Cooperate with relevant departments of the university to organize the survey, design, construction, supervision and the bidding of the project, and optimize the survey, design, construction and supervision units of the project, optimize the construction material supplier purchased by Party A; on behalf of the university to sign relevant engineering construction contracts and related agreements, to do a good job in the management and supervision of the implementation of the contracts.

6. Actively cooperate with the supervision and construction units, organize the graphic review, the technical delivery meeting and construction project tasks, strictly perform the contract, strictly manage the quality of the project, strictly follow the construction of the graphic design, strictly control the project cost, and conscientiously implement the construction visa, any design change and the acceptance system, for the quality of good engineering. Supervise the construction unit to prepare the construction organization design and work on the project completion acceptance, and timely organize the completion data and filing.

7. Do a good job in the market information research of supply of infrastructure materials to ensure that the price of infrastructure materials purchased by Party A is reasonable and the quality is excellent. Cooperate with the supervision unit to do a good job in the inspection of the construction unit's supply of materials and equipment, and do a good job of quality supervision.

8. Implement the financial and economic regulations, financial rules and regulations, and internal control systems of the state and the university, make good use of infrastructure investment, do a good job in infrastructure management and financial final accounting, and regularly report infrastructure statistics and financial statements to relevant departments.

9. Do a good job in collecting and archiving capital construction documents, financial files and engineering technical files.

10. Strengthen contacts and exchanges between internal and external units, listen to opinions from all sides, strengthen development of work style, strengthen service awareness, improve work quality and economic efficiency, and provide relevant information to leaders in charge on time.

11. Strictly implement the various rules and regulations of the university, organize the study of relevant documents related to capital construction issued by the state, the province and the city, and organize technical exchanges to continuously improve the business quality and improve the quality of work and efficiency.

12. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

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